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The Smarter Environmental Choice

Most of us are well aware of the fact that the environment is a booming topic of conversation. Increasingly various measures are taken to become more environmentally conscious when dealing with fuel, products, food and waste. But the main question here is: What do you do to contribute to the well-being of the environment and overall planet earth? 

On an international front, various arrangements are made to decrease the human impact on the environment: coal plants are put into place, large factories are obligated to adjust their affairs accordingly and fossil fuel grants are gradually reduced. 

Additionally, consumers are slowly but surely becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. Electric and hybrid automobiles (such as Tesla’s and Toyota Priusses) are selling like hot cakes, people turn into avid recyclers moreover and documentaries such as Cowspiracy are making us more aware of the impact our meat consumption.  

Because of awareness from governments and consumers, it has become interesting for companies in the packaging industry to jump in on the issue of environmental conservation. Some companies are already part of organizations such as the Europen (The European Organisation for packaging and environment) and the SPC (The Sustainable Packaging Coalition). 

Large multinationals such as McDonald's are also taking part in the trend. This is definitely a smart decision as the company largely contributes to the amount waste production. Because of this, McDonald's released its new wood-fiber based packaging in Europe earlier this year. Come 2020, the company plans to solely use fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sources. 


Environmentally friendly products are the norm

We, at AFA Dispensing, are truly happy to see a paradigm shift towards a more environmentally friendly packaging method. Nevertheless, we have been doing this for a while. As explained in our whitepaper (Market Leadership through innovation), the law of nature is the key to our innovation. Our R&D department is extremely conscious about the environment. Wim Maas, the Executive Vice President of the R&D deparment explains this as follows:

We base our values, vision and mission and the technology we use to develop our products on a philosophy. We respect and use the laws of nature when developing dispensing solutions. We do this both from the project’s point of view and from an environmental and sustainable point of view. In this respect, we also pay attention to the materials we use.

We respect the laws of nature because of scientific and environmental reasons. AFA supplies disposable products. We strive to manufacture products which can be fully recycled. We are no idealistic company, but we do respect the environment, even in the designing phase of a product.” 

As Wim Maas suggests, AFA Dispensing is certainly not an organization that seeks environmental solutions in order to follow a trend. The laws of nature are so deeply embedded in the organization that consciously dealing with the environment is the result of innovation and not the cause.


Besides aiming at a fully recyclable product, we are mainly occupied with the development of our progressive Flairosol line. This is done with utmost regard to the environment. The great advantage of the Flairosol is that there is no use of harmful gases. This  omission of harmful gases is beneficial for people as well as the environment.

By using Flairosol you simplify your supply chain and free yourself from propellant gases , volatile organic compounds and pressurized containers.

As an organization, it’s impossible to ignore the environment. There are many ways in which you can respond to and take part in environmental solutions.

Are you inspired by the possibilities of Flairosol or want to consider changing your views on this subject? Please feel free to contact us.

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