Brand Enhancement through innovative dispensing

Flairosol is flying high in Japan!

Japanese company, A2care disinfectant, chose Flairosol as THE packaging to take
their product to the next level. ANA Airlines uses Flairosol combined with A2care disinfectant,
to disinfect and sterilize the airplane cabins after a flight. 


According to customers’ feedback, Flairosol is a professional packaging for the sterilization segment
due to its outstanding spray performance and unique user experience.

Most of us are well aware of the fact that the environment is a booming topic of conversation.

In our earlier blog “It’s all about bridging the gap” (March 3d) we talked about strategical advantages and our choices therein, taking into account the experiences of our custo

How our innovative dispensing technology contributes to Brand Enhancement.

Tuesday November 24th – Grand Theatre Breda - the Netherlands

Flairosol ImPress 360 from Afa Dispensing Group (Afa) has won the PET & VET Packaging Innovation Award 2015 at the prestigious Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Forum. The Award is designed to recognise and promote the most innovative dispensing products in the animal & veterinary industries


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