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AFA more and more goes green!

Removing stains and odors with a biofriendly cleaning product … without the use of chemicals.
All this can be achieved by the same means: Effective Microorganisms, called "EM" shortly. 

EM is a mixture of naturally occurring microorganisms. EM is the product for anyone who has a heart for nature
and wants to ensure a clean future in his/her own environment.
This is exactly what Dutch supplier of EM, AGRITON (, stands for. 

EM Microbial solution to save the earth

Of course an environmental friendly product requires a dispensing system which respects the laws of nature. 
Agriton found the ultimate solution in Flairosol, because it dispenses the liquid without the use of propellant gases and pressurised containers.     

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A new accessory has been designed for the OpUsTM trigger sprayer to prevent accidental leakage

Exciting times for Flairosol! Febreze & Flairosol combined their strengths and arranged the perfect marriage

A beautiful "green" launch for Flairosol!

AFA wishes to contribute to society...

We are proud of our company, AFA Dispensing!
We are one the 250 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.


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